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Figure 3

From: The role of targeted climate research at the IRI

Figure 3

Changes in SESA precipitation in state-of-the-art CGCMs for the period 1960–1999. a) ’run1’ from the 20C3M CMIP3 simulations. Models with an asterisk did not include time-varying ozone concentrations. b) a single run from the historical CMIP5 simulations. The letters L, M, and H after the model name indicate the relative vertical resolution of the model: low, middle and high, respectively. In both panels the black bar shows the observed change from the GPCC dataset and the grey bars show the multi-model ensemble mean. When present, the thin black lines represent 1 standard deviation from the inter-model spread. The number between parentheses represents the size of the model ensemble for each group. From (Gonzalez et al. 2013).

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