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Figure 2

From: Hydrology and public health: linking human leptospirosis and local hydrological dynamics in Trinidad, West Indies

Figure 2

Summary of leptospirosis confirmed cases in Trinidad: (a) mean monthly rainfall in Trinidad, using data from the Piarco station, 1998–2008, provided by the Trinidad & Tobago Meteorological Service (error bars indicate monthly standard deviation); (b) annual incidence rate from 1998 to 2008 produced using data from the Ministry of Health, Trinidad & Tobago and annual population estimated from census data (CSO2012) (*note that leptospirosis data for 2008 are incomplete); (c) mean monthly leptospirosis incidence rate for the same period; and (d) mean monthly rainfall vs. mean monthly leptospirosis incidence rate, indicating a weak positive correlation ( r2= 0.47, significant at the 95% confidence level) and seasonality in the relationship between leptospirosis and rainfall.

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