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Transdisciplinarity Enabled

Table 8 Measures of farmers’ autonomous adaptation to climate change

From: A farmer-based analysis of climate change adaptation options of agriculture in the Bărăgan Plain, Romania

Farmers response to climate change No (n = 110) %
Use of drought-resistant seeds 110 100
Give up cultivating high production cost crops 110 100
Prevailing crops: grains (wheat and maize) and plants (sunflower) 110 100
Insure crops against extreme climatic events 110 100
Obtain European funds for modernization 52 47.27
Gather new information about the climate and the farming practices 52 52.72
Use modern soil retention technologies 47 42.73
Exchange experience with other foreign farmers in drier areas 20 18.18
Irrigate the crops 16 14.54
Plant protection forest belts 3 2.72
Rely on soil studies of crop fertilisation 2 1.81