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Transdisciplinarity Enabled

Table 2 Summary of stakeholders’ feedback

From: Sharing skills and needs between providers and users of climate information to create climate services: lessons from the Northern Adriatic case study

Climate data needed • Climate data
• Longer time series of observations
• Higher resolution
• Precipitation and winds
• Data on impacts and risks
• Precipitation patterns to improve irrigation
Expectations • Understand climate change
• Acquire information on climate (variability and change) and disseminate it to public
• Information to improve management options
• Information and knowledge for land-use planning, disaster risk reduction and early warning systems
Synergies between CLIM-RUN and stakeholders • Regional meteorological services (OSMER and Teolo) have provided observed data
• Regional agencies can do downscaling
• In northern Italy a research project is trying to create a repository of daily data since 1960