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Table 1 Aspects covered in the questionnaire during the household survey

From: Protected area management and local access to natural resources: a change analysis of the villages neighboring a world heritage site, the Keoladeo National Park, India

S No Particulars Aspects covered
1 Background information Family members, age, gender, literacy, caste
2 Income and occupations Primary and secondary occupations, source of income of the family
3 Households Type of houses, area, ownership
4 Agriculture Land holdings, ownerships, land use, crops varieties, irrigation, use of machinery and high yielding variety seeds
5 Livestock Number, types, income, decadal change
6 Health Disease, health facilities, duration, frequency
7 Fuel and fodder Type, sources, consumption
8 Water and sanitation facilities Source, type, portability and associated problems
9 Irrigation Source - Surface/groundwater, check dams, water availability, agro-productivity
10 Environment and natural resources Weather, trees and other vegetation and resource availability
11 Opinions and suggestions Open ended, covering other relevant aspects