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Table 1 Summary of parameters for the design and operation of alternative water source systems

From: Framework for the optimization of operation and design of systems with different alternative water sources

Parameter Decision variablea Parameter that is set Uncertain parameter Relevant items in Fig. 1
Operational inputs [O]
 Pump schedule X    O1
 Tank trigger levels X    O1
 Tank/storage maximum and minimum allowable levels   X   O1, W3, W11
 Demand pattern (irrigation, agriculture) X    O1, D4, W13
 Demand pattern (domestic, commercial, industrial)   X X O1, D4, W13
 Demand flow rate (peak, average, peak day)   X X O1, D4, W14
 Valve settings or operating rules X    O1
 Pump pressure settings X    O1
 Volumetric allocation of water X    O2
 Reservoir trigger levels X    O2
 Switch time between operating regimes X    O2
 Priority ranking of operating rules   X   O3, O4
Design inputs [D] and water infrastructure [W]
 Water source selection X    D1, W2
 Water source infrastructure (layout, capacity) X    D1, W2
 Treatment type selection X    D2, W8
 Treatment infrastructure (layout, capacity, treatment rate/level) X    D2, W8
 Delivery system type selection X    D3
 Delivery system layout (lengths, elevations, junctions, tank locations) X    D3, W7, W10, W12, W15
 Pipe material and diameters X    D3, W7, W10, W12
 Pipe parameters (unit cost, pipe wall roughness (ε), wall thickness, embodied energy)   X X (ε) D3, W6, W7, W10, W12
 Pump sizing X    D3, W5, W9
 Pump performance characteristics and cost   X   D3, W4
 Tank sizing (capacity, height, diameter) X    D3, W3, W11
 Fire demand/reserve   X   D3, W11
 Water user type selection X    D4
 Rainfall/streamflow series   X X W1
 Reservoir capacity and volume curve X    W3
 Pond (e.g. wetland) capacity and volume curve X    W3
 Prioritization rules for demands types   X   W15
Other inputs [P], [G] and [S]
 Power source selection   X X P1, P3, G5
 Electricity tariff structure and cost   X X P2
 GHG emission factors   X X P3, G5
 Fit-for-purpose requirements   X   G1
 Water license amounts   X   G2
 Environmental flow amounts   X   G3
 Discount rate   X X G4
 Hydrologic variables (e.g. permeability)   X   S1
 Hydraulic variables (e.g. water temperature)   X   S3
Optimization problem formulation [E]
 Objective selection   X   E1
 Objective function(s)   X   E2
 Constraint selection   X   E3
 Constraint limits (maximum and minimum)   X   E4
 Penalty costs   X   E4
  1. aNote: Parameters specified as decision variables are shown in bold throughout Sections 'Options component [OPT]’ and ‘Infrastructure component [INF]