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Transdisciplinarity Enabled

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Fig. 3

From: A comparative analysis of reference evapotranspiration from the surface of rainfed grass in Yaounde, calculated by six empirical methods against the penman-monteith formula

Fig. 3

Comparison of FAO-56 PM method versus (a) Stephens and Stewart (1963) modified by Jansen and Haise (1963) (b) Turc (1961), (c) Blaney and Criddle modified by Shih et al. (1977), (d) Blaney and Criddle (1950), (e) Penman modified by Frere and Popov (1979), and (f) Papadakis (1966) methods using regression analysis, during 1967 – 1982. (N = 12)

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