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Transdisciplinarity Enabled

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Table 1 List of ensembles FP6 Regional Climate models (RCMs)

From: Exploring the ability of current climate information to facilitate local climate services for the water sector

No Institute RCM Driving GCM References
1 ETH CLM HadCM (Jaeger et al. 2008)
2 ICTP RegCM ECHAM5-r3 (Giorgi & Mearns 1999)
3 KNMI RACMO2 ECHAM5-r3 (Van Meijgaard et al. 2008)
4 METOHC HadRM3Q0 HadCM3Q0 (Collins et al. 2010)
5 METOHC HadRM3Q3 HadCM3Q3 (Collins et al. 2010)
6 METOHC HadRM3Q16 HadCM3Q16 (Collins et al. 2010)
7 C4I RCA3 HadCM3Q16 (Kjellstrom et al. 2005)
8 MPI REMO ECHAM5-r3 (Jacob 2001)
9 SMHI RCA BCM (Kjellstrom et al. 2005)
10 DMI HIRHAM ARPEGE (Christensen et al. 2006)