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Water Resources and Management

  1. Research article

    Water security and national water law in Mexico

    This article develop analyses water security in Mexico, a country where global environmental change requires social, political and economic actors to protect natural resources and ecosystem services in order t...

    Úrsula Oswald Spring

    Earth Perspectives 2014 1:7

    Published on: 6 March 2014

  2. Research article

    Assessing preferences regarding centralized and decentralized water infrastructure in post-earthquake Leogane, Haiti

    Though the benefits of centralized water systems (e.g. improved publichealth, environmental protection, streamlined operations, economy of scale, reliability) are well known, these systems are not always feasi...

    Heather C Galada, Franco A Montalto, Patrick L Gurian, Mimi Sheller, Tibebu B Ayalew and Stephen O'Connor

    Earth Perspectives 2014 1:5

    Published on: 12 February 2014

  3. Synthesis

    Groundwater scarcity and conflict – managing hotspots

    The link between water scarcity and public unrest is a close one. Groundwater is the only viable resource in most arid and semi-arid environments that can sustain rural and urban populations. Periodic drought ...

    Nicholas S Robins and James Fergusson

    Earth Perspectives 2014 1:6

    Published on: 12 February 2014